Non-NHS Fees

Please see below our list for various different services. If you require any further information, please contact the practice directly.



Adoption CDYP or AME £97.91
Adoption child form 1ha £58.12
Adoption form ah £80
Adoption form AHZ £24.36
Adoption parent report £97.91
Certificate of travel vaccinations Free
Driving medical £75
Fitness to exercise £24
Fitness to exercise (complex) £30
Fitness to drive report (elderly/diabetic) £94
Fitness to travel £26
Fitness to travel (pregnant) £23
Fitness to travel with med report £69
Fitness to work offshore £75
Freedom from infection £30
Hepatitis B occupational (employer to pay) £30 per dose
HGV/LGV medical £75
Holiday cancellation £18 (for more complex reports up to £63)
Housing needs report £32
Income protection insurance £104
Insurance record extract £50 (or as stated by firm)
Insurance/solicitor examination £148
Insurance/solicitor reports £15 per page up to £90
Life insurance £104
Medical history confirmation £25
Medical record computer print out FOC
Medical record viewing FOC
Medical records copies £25 + 40p per copy max £50)
Medication letter £10
Medication print out FOC
Mental capacity – letter £30
Mental capacity – cop 3 form without examination £55
Mental capacity – cop 3 form with examination £98
Parachuting fitness with medical £75
Parachuting fitness without medical £25
Paternity – via solicitor N/a
Power of attorney capacity only 80 (section 10 only)
Pre-employment medical £94 employer paying
Pre-employment medical (patient paying) £94
Private blood test £26 + lab fees
Private consultation £69 for 30 minutes
Private prescription issue £15
Private flu vaccination £5 for px issue & £15 for giving vacc
Record extractions for employers £50 private
Record extractions for employers £30 la paying
Record extractions for employers £25 NHS
Report to DVLA Swansea £42 No Exam/£85 with Exam
Request for further info (insurance) £27
School letter (fit to attend) £18
Seafarers eng1 £95
Seafarers drug results (charge from N&N) £60
Seafarers with drug screen £110
Seafarers private x-ray £83
Sick notes private £18
Sports medical £75
Taxi medical £99
To whom it may concern letters £10
Vaccination (tablets) malaria £20
Vaccination diphtheria FOC
Vaccination hepatitis a travel FOC
Vaccination hepatitis B £150 per course of 3
Vaccination Japanese enc Private px (£285/3) + £35
Vaccination tuberculosis FOC
Vaccination yellow fever – bridge rd £50
Vaccinations meningitis Private px (£37/1) + £20
Vaccinations Typhoid for travel FOC
Any other non-NHS services not mentioned by agreement with GP.